8 things i found on the internet today.

boy oh boy, has this blog ever gone through such a lull?? i think not. well, you see, what happened was that my boss left me for another woman ... assistant, in a different department and left me here to hold down the fort (aka - do nothing). doing nothing for a few days turned into me asking everyone for work, which has turned into me doing everything for everyone. i love it.

^^^ that's my excuse, take it or leave it. but whatever you do, look at these 8 things i found on the internet today:

1. 8 ways to be attractive
2. habits of supremely happy people
3. jay z in new york in 1939
4. 10 qualities of fierce gentleman
5. this is water (reminiscence of the gospel principle "to act and not be acted upon")
6. this mustache!!! 
7.  lip sync battle on jimmy fallon
8. and finally, a fireman reviving a kitten


Amelia said...
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Amelia said...

Highlights [in order]:Don't average the voices in your head-Work it Bey!-Whoa-confront the biggest and baddest dragons that plague the modern world-things may be unlikely but NOT impossible-that curl!-BOOM, BADOOM, BOOM, BOOOM, he got that SUPERBASS-awwwww

In other words: thanks for starting my morning right