hello 2014.

^^^ wish this was my life today, and always???

first day back at work after all the holiday goodness. it's tough.

but i'm thinking about
... 2014 goals (less pizza more burgers)
... talking to someone new each day this year
... ways to survive winter (buy ice skates? see the ice castles? pick up ice fishing?)
... when to go get my diet coke
... what paige is doing
... when i'll get a new boss
... iceland
... getting manicures on a regular basis
... doing another juice cleanse
... eating an apple a day
... becoming a vegan
... going back to bikram
... getting yoga certified
... dropping out of work for beauty school
... wait, becoming a BARBER!

the longer i go the more i realize this list is getting slightly unrealistic. i'm bored.
happy new year.


RochelleHaddad said...

I'm living your pajama day dream in these beauties: http://www.funzee.com/funzee-range/festival-funzee

RochelleHaddad said...

Pssss, I even walked my kids to school in them. ;)

Marie said...

hahahaha! I love this!
Also I would love to accompany you to the Ice Castle, they look awesome. and wait...beauty school?! Whoo! please go and then dye my hair red please.