the most important things that happened during my blogging hiatus.

hi there!
i'm still alive. but i been BUSY! 

here are the most important things that happened during my blogging hiatus:

- my dear dear friend got engaged

- my dad grew out his beard for like four days (happiest four days since 2005)

- i found this great picture of my mom

- i did another juice cleanse (note to self: always do juice cleanse while having a cold)

- i saw frances ha, and it was really good. here's a quote >>>

- i met this nameless kitten (sorry bad pic, not sorry cute kitten)

- i found a bunny with a backpack on and my heart shattered into a million pieces

-jgl came to utah for sundance

- speaking of sundance, i saw two movies: the double (based on a dostoevsky novel), and whiplash (with jazz included, a bonus obvi!) ... but all i ever wanted was to see cooties.

- i became an eskimo
- i remembered how great ruby snap is

- i went bowling


now, i hereby do declare to be better at blogging and post about the following soon:

- a trip to st george

- 2013 must see movies

in the mean time, watch the men of full house on jimmy fallon for a good time.


Shana said...

Courtney, I love the eskimo picture!! You look like a winter elf. You should be a model!

mack said...

Courtney! I love when you blog. Plus, I just signed up for the Labor Day Triathlon in Bountiful. (My dad is doing it too) you should join us!