see these movies.


just wanted to stop by to tell you about these 2013 movies. it's not a list of ten (which is kind of killing me for some reason #ocd) and they aren't in order of how much i liked them. ain't nobody got time for that.

1. the conjuring
i was too scared to see this movie for like ... 4 months. but when i finally did i loved it. glad they're making a sequel. also, this is a good example of how to do horror; no convoluted story, a simple witch hanging is good enough.

2. star trek
this was so great, maybe better than the first? actually, its quality may have everything to do with fact that benedict cumberbatch (or "bento tinderbox" as john travolta might say) was the villain. my love for him is unparalleled.

3. kings of summer
i wanted to see this at sundance but never got the chance. then i wanted to see it in theaters and missed it again. i eventually saw it via redbox. it was worth the wait. just one of those hilarious, odd films we can thank sundance for. for instance, there is dialogue about how one character is confusing cystic fibrosis with being gay. what?! hahaha.

4. the way way back
this is one i saw at sundance and LOVED! i had to wait until summer to show everyone else how great it is. and i don't think i've heard a bad review.

5. blackfish
my roommate told me about this film before it hit theaters. i was intrigued so i forced my family to join in. i was worried that it might be off putting/agenda shoving, but it doesn't feel that way at all. the information seems to be presented in a very straight forward way. it's streaming for free on netflix now, but if you plan on ever visiting seaworld again, i'd skip it.

6. gravity
saw this in 3d imax and it was maybe one of my very favorite theater experiences (best goes to jurassic park 3d imax). it felt like i was on a ride. it was unreal. see it in the theaters if you have the chance. the fact that it won 7 academy awards should give you at least the slightest interest.

7. about time
my mom and dad begged me to see this movie with them for weeks! perhaps months. i just wasn't interested. i think it was mostly because the poster looked like a nicholas sparks film. if you ever want to turn me off, mention nicholas sparks. well i eventually went and it was great. really unique and real. good lessons from this film.

8. frozen
i almost feel like not putting this on here. it's gotten a little outta control amiright? but hey, it's a good movie. i'm all about wicked, and it is very wicked-esque.

9. the hobbit: the desolation of smaug
i liked this one better than the first. i attribute that to two things:  1) it's called the desolation of smaug and when it came out my friend said she lived in the desolation of smog. get it? utah inversion? funny joke, and 2) cuz benedict duh!

10. saving mr. banks
two of my favorite things are disneyland and the 1960s. the combination in this film was just my thing. also jason schwartzman and bj novak, i love them.

11. walter mitty
this is maybe my favorite, mmm. maybe not. well, second favorite. it was so unexpected. i loved the scenery and the music and the story and oh man, that scene that he is imagining himself as benjamin button was the hardest i laughed in a movie in 2013. beat that! also, can we go to iceland?

12. blue jasmine
woody allen is my favorite. i love most of his work, it speaks to me. blue jasmine wasn't any different. i'm surprised it didn't get more buzz. i think this is probably his best film of recent years. and cate blanchette was amazing. serious talent.

13. frances ha
this movie was really weird. i heard about it when it was at the broadway in salt lake, but didn't watch it until it was streaming on netflix. it's in black and white and isn't shy in being what it is (i'm not really sure what it is still). at the beginning of the film i didn't really know how i felt about it, but by the end i was head over heels. "ahoy sexy" is now a part of my most-used greetings. thanks frances ha.

14. american hustle
if you loved silver linings playbook you'll love this. same deal here. a little more depressing but still great. such great music too.

15. 12 years a slave
i saved the best for last. i don't really know what to say except that this film made me think about slavery in a way i hadn't ever thought of before. it was gut wrenching. a movie comes along every so often that changes your life, and this was one for me. also, cuz benedict.

i still need to see the place beyond the pines, the spectacular now, ain't them bodies saints, enough said, philomena, and her. any takers?

peace and good tidings on this friday. go see a movie.

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brittney perry said...

The last time I walked out of a movie as pumped about life as I was when I walked out of Walter Mitty... was Remember the Titans. I loved that movie so much.