music monday.

music monday is back! in list form!

ok, i saw this thing once called "25 songs, 25 days". you know those? well i decided to condense that into one day (today!) and also cut out some of the lamer choices (like "a song that reminds you of a former friend". what is a former friend anyway? a past friend, now enemy? a friend you used to see but don't anymore. i don't know.)

1. a song from your childhood
rhythm nation - janet jackson
had to pick this! rhythm nation was the first cd i ever purchased. i LOVED it. wonder what i was doing any given evening in 1994? wonder no more, i was making up dances to these beats.

2. a song that reminds you of your parents
something in the way she moves - james taylor
this song will forever remind me of my dad's love for my mom. like, i'm pretty sure i've seen my dad get weepy over it. such a tender spirit.

3. a song that calms you down
intro - the xx
ever seen it's kind of a funny story? this song always reminds me of the trip we take into craig's clinically depressed mind. it's a trip. a nice one.

4. a song that is often stuck in your head
we built this city - starship
don't as why. it's just. so. catchy.

5. a song that reminds you of your best friend
black or white - michael jackson
i have THE most vivid memories of me and lynsey chadwick (my childhood bff) watching this music video while dancing around the coffee table.

6. a song that reminds you of the past summer
i love it - icona pop
spring 2013 i attended a passion pit concert which i thought would be accompanied by icona pop. so i got all into them and turns out they didn't even play! what!? but this song stuck around and eventually became the greatest roll-the-car-windows-down-and-dance-it-out-with-ya-gurls song of the summer.

7. a song that reminds you of your first love
white daisy passing - rocky votolato
no explanation. but isn't this song the cutest!

8. a song that makes you hopeful
love will save your soul - grouplove
once i was having this really emo moment of my life. one night after a good cry, this song came on and i just felt elated and like everything was going to be ok. i felt hope!

9. a song by my favorite band 
as far as i can see - phantogram
i thought this one was a little time-sensitive. who can say what their favorite band is? well mine for right now is phantogram. probably because they are coming to salt lake in april ...

10. a song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie
peer pressure - jon brion
eternal sunshine! seen it? it's great.

11. the last song i heard
kid a - radiohead
someone once said to listen to this song twice a day for two weeks and then try to say you don't like radiohead. apparently it's impossible.

12. a song you love to sing along to
the beast - austra
while i was searching for this video i discovered that austra has great *read weird* music videos. in addition to great music.

13. a song that has made you cry
this temporary life - death cab for cutie
the lyrics to this song are just heartbreaking! "but, oh, the rising sun brings little cheer to this city with the stolen name. and you're wondering whose bright idea it was to pack your things and leave your friends and move down here".

14. a song that makes you want to dance
countdown - beyonce
always. also you can't beat this video.

15. a song that you love but rarely listen to
out here all night - damone
there was this time in college that i was really into hard rock. like this. and like tool? i don't know. but ... i still don't mind it. i kind of like it.

16. the first song alphabetically in your itunes
a/b machines - sleigh bells
what a great song to be first in my itunes. i'm proud.

17. the last song alphabetically in your itunes
zombie - the cranberries
i'm equally proud of this song.

18. your favorite song
futile devices - sufjan stevens
i recently heard sufjan described as "a weird dude with the voice of honey". i'd say that description fits. for me, he has the voice of an angel. i love his lyrics. he is truly an artist and is constantly pushing the boundaries of folk and pop musicians. i'd even submit that he is one of the greatest artists of our day.

19. a song that someone has sung to you
sweet baby james - james taylor
another from james taylor, brought to you by my dad singing it to me as a lullaby when i was a wee one. it always reminds me of him.

20. a song that you cannot stand to listen to
pompeii - bastille
this song! i can't. stand. it. it's ALWAYS on. it NEVER sleeps. and EVERYONE loves it. i don't get it. but the lead singer has great hair. and i can always appreciate that.


Mark and Lisa said...

Great post! What a great dad you have - lucky us!~

paige. said...

besides the fact that it wouldn't even matter to your music life if i were never born, this is probably my favorite post. informative. succinct. wise. exploratory. true (bastille...really, guys?). and also visually stimulating. you rock, literally and figuratively.