st george, february 2014.

i promised you a st george post like 2 months ago. sorry it's taken so long. i needed to get over my ptsd before i could write about it.

this photograph sums up the trip remarkably well. paige and i had just rolled into town and decided our first stop of the trip should be to the top of the water tank on ... st george mountain? is that was that place is called? i don't know. but does it look cold? CAUSE IT WAS. 

after the water tank we ate at pizza factory, a long time tradition. then i think we saw a movie ... i can't be sure, because i think i have mentally blocked this whole trip as a coping mechanism.

here's what happen:  somewhere between eating pizza factory and visiting a snow-covered zion national park the next morning, my body decided that it would reject everything i had lovingly fed it the last 48 hours, and then refuse to accept anything else. 

i spent the trip laying on the couch (when i wasn't in the bathroom). i MAY have watched a movie? played a game? i know i tried to eat texas roadhouse steak fry and it wasn't good. not good at all.

uh, so there you have it. the trip re-cap i promised.

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