who to follow on instagram.

instagram is my social media outlet of choice. i often find myself as a missionary for the church of instagram; will you follow the example of (insert person they admire) and get an instagram account?

anyway, i feel like a subject matter expert when it comes to this mobile photo-sharing service. because of that, i give you who to follow on instagram (sparked by my discovery of the @arthistorysnap account):

what first brought me to hiroaki were his cityscapes of tokyo. but i've recently felt as though i'm travelling the world via his lens.

brought to you courtesy of  amelia, gray (great name right?) is known for his aerial beach shots. but really everything he puts out is a DREAM. i imagine i'll find myself escaping through his images this winter.

dis guy! he's my favorite, a genius in my book. his feed is filled with ordinary objects transformed into quirky, clever, and often humorous art. one of my favorites:  funeral for a week-old egg roll with the styrofoam box styled like a coffin, and the egg roll as the deceased. check him out on vine as well. 

jen's feed is a winner for several reasons:  1) she's a photographer so everything she posts is pretty, 2) i think she may have the very best #throwbackthursdays the app has to offer, all with the greatest of captions, 3) lastly, and i think most importantly, she's a cat-lover and every so often she rescues kittens, which then leads to all posts revolving around wittle baby kitties. 

who wouldn't like pictures from the happiest place on earth to brighten their days? 

oh these images! ethereal in every sense of the word. most recently loving his shoe shots and his window seat series.  

i feel like i kind of relate with solange knowles. my sister runs the world (who run the world? PAIGE!), can get down, and has millions of admirers; while i just sing little ditties, wear cool shaped sunglasses, and take pictures in front of colored walls. i don't know.

i found katie through bri at designlovefest. her illustrations were so amusing that i decided to follow her on instagram. she has not disappointed. she has that real minimal, colorful, kate-spade-esque style i love, lives in brooklyn, and grams her french bulldog. what can i say? i love her!

first and foremost, tim introduced me to flume, which i will forever grateful for. other than that i go to tim for shots round the world, but what really gets me are photos of his family (see this sweet shot). 

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Amelia said...

What a great list! I'm dying of cute overload due to jengotch. How was I not following her? [And I love that you included graymalin!]Now you need to write a post instructing me how to deal with my insta-overload.