9. hike mount timpanogos and/or the narrows.

16 miles, 11,749 feet, second highest summit in the wasatch range, 10 hours. i did it! i finally did it! i hiked mount timpanogos!

this item has been on my to-do list for years. i first wanted to do it when i heard about hiking up to the top and sliding a glacier down to the bottom. sounds like a blast but actually it's really dangerous. instead we chose the fail-safe hike-on-foot method and came out (nearly) unscathed.

i say nearly because really i WAS SCATHED. i thought my knee caps would burst while hiking 5 hours down the mountain. then my feet! ouch. the day after, the calf, quad, hip, groin, and shin pain set in. i'm recovering, but my hot yoga class will be wholly welcomed this evening.

ok but guys, the scenery! oh man, i didn't even know! just the view from aspen grove is breath-taking. we did the aspen grove trail and went through pines, aspens, rock fields, and snow; passed a few waterfalls, fields of wild flowers, un-touched streams and lakes, then to beautiful emerald lake. we saw pheasants, mountain goats, and moose. it was all SO beautiful.

next time around i'd like to hike to emerald lake, camp, wake up the next morning and hike to the summit then back down. sounds like the dream backpacking trip to me!

all in all, SO glad i did it. big shout out to my hiking companions steven and tiffany. you guys are the best.

we started hiking when the sun was just coming up. this is the first waterfall you come to.

you see vast landscapes on the hike. there are areas that the snow never melts. and it's just so green! 

i loved this little area that looks almost untouched by mankind.

emerald lake was one of my favorite parts. it's about 5 miles up, surrounded by fields of wild flowers and has some of the bluest water i've seen. 

this is looking down on emerald lake from the top. you can see how blue it is from here. to the right you can see the glacier slide that you can ride down from the top.

on the way back we took a good rest on the banks of the lake. so serene.

steven taking in the view from the top.

it was SUPER crowded the day we went. i'd say anywhere from 100 to 150 people were hiking it with us. while doing some research after the hike i learned that prior to 1970, provo held an annual event called the "timp hike" that sent thousands of people up the mountain's slopes. it generally took place on the third or fourth weekend in july (we did it saturday the 26th, the fourth weekend). i take that to mean we chose the best, most historic weekend to hike.
the three of us at the top. look at that view!
looking south.
and here's the finished product, us at the end of the hike. all i wanted to do at this point was take off my shoes and sleep for two days (which is pretty much what i did).

HAPPY! hooray for accomplishing goals! WOO!


Amelia said...

Get it girl. All of this scenery is so gorgeous!

Marie said...

I've never been so proud!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!