top 10 songs of 2014.

i don't know why didn't think of doing a list like this earlier in my listing career, but it came to me last night:  A TOP TEN SONGS OF 2014 LIST!

1. a tie between two alt-j songs. every other freckle and hunger of the pine.

**parental advisory warning:  there's a bare bum in this video, and some other stufffff.**

it was just too hard to choose.  my first experience with alt-j was listening to taro back in 2013. once their new album dropped they had me hooked. the cherry on top of this love affair was seeing them live in november. hands down one of the best concerts i've ever been to. so ethereal, "in a way that seems too perfect for this world".

2. james blake, retrograde.

i feel like i'm coming a little late to the james blake party. but DANG! that voice! i rarely compare musicians to my all-time-fave sufjan, but if anyone deserves it, james blake does. that sweet honey voice combined with "space-blues", rolling stone called it when they said it was "like dawn after a rough night".

3. chvrches, do i wanna know?

should i feel bad that a cover is in my top 10? i don't. lauren mayberry has the cutest, softest, most fragile, weightless voice. the perfect touch for arctic monkeys' tune. i probably listened to this song like, over a hundred times this year. find it on soundcloud.

4. st. vincent, digital witness.

i can't help but bounce and sing along to this tune. i was really into st. vincent this year. mostly though, i just have hair envy.

5. phantogram, fall in love.

i've always been a fan of phantogram and their album this year really set in stone my fandom. well, actually, what set it in stone was her hair flips at in the venue in march.

6. disclosure, latch AND flume, you & me.

**parental advisory warning: there's lots of kissing here, and sometimes between same-sex couples**

disclosure is another band featured twice on my top 10. they have a way with electronic dance music. add the sultry sounds of sam smith and you've got yourself an earth-shattering hit. in pitchfork's words, "if you've heard latch, you already know about that voice:  sam smith posessess one hell of a set of pipes, able to go from a commanding lower register to an inhumanly high squawk in record time." oh, also, THE LYRICS. swoon.

i don't really know how to properly site this song. it's a disclosure song, with eliza doolittle, that flume remixed. i've talked about flume before. wanna get pumped? have a dance off? look no further than flume. i love that aussie.

7. lo-fang, #88.

lo-fang is my most recent discovery. i heard his cover of you're the one that i want in a commercial while waiting for birdman to start. apparently he plays all the instruments on the album, which surprisingly includes the violin, cello, and electronics. very baroque, a mix of "classical symphony and contemporary pop".

8. jefferson airplane, white rabbit.

numbers eight and nine on the list are throw backs and they definitely hold their own against all this new stuff. there's a reason they are classics. in my tenth grade health class, i did a "report" in which i created a mixed-tape of songs about mental illness and/or drug use. white rabbit was on the tape. so i've been keen on this tune since then, but i re-discovered it when an arabic version was featured in american hustle. i feel myself transported back to the 60s, headbanging at woodstock during the last few lines of the song.

9. the beatles, tomorrow never knows.

it's no secret that i've been a mad men fiend this year. and although i consider myself extremely well-versed in the beatles discography, i hadn't heard this song until it was played on "lady lazarus" in the fifth season of mad men. it's a gem, as all beatles songs are.

10. snoop lion, here comes the king.

i just couldn't resist adding this. have i let myself go? putting a snoop LION song on my TOPS list? whatever. i thought snoop's latest album was a good turn of events for the rapper. really, it's a fun song to sing to, and werk it out to. is it the worst thing that i identify as a rastafarian on occasion?

listen to the full set on spotify (with some exceptions).

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