for everything thy goodness sends.

ralph waldo emerson really knew what life was about. the more i read from him, the more i love him. and love this card from the indigo bunting for paperless post. both great things you should know about.

three things:
first, a short list of things i'm grateful for this thanksgiving, and always:
1. jesus christ, his gospel, and his atonement. 
2. my job and the events that led me here. 
3. my dad and the way he loves me. 
4. my mom and her charity. 
5. my paige and her hilarity.

second, a song that i'm grateful i can listen to now that it's thanksgiving. i'm grateful for sufjan. i'm soso grateful for him.

third, an article from the ny times titled "the united states of thanksgiving" where they catalog thanksgiving recipes that "evoke each of the 50 states".

happy thanksgiving! 

**more from youarewhatyoulove on thanksgiving:

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