sorry for the delay ... i've been planning showers and planting flowers, maybe you can hear about all that later. but now ...

DAY #3.

-10:00 am laurel ward, 30 minute drive from rockville

{the fam with sisters staley and yim yim. i just LOVE them.}

-arlington cemetery

{it was particularly hot that day.}

-eat at fancy italian restaurant "assaggi"
{we just wondered into this SUPER classy italian restaurant because it was close to our next destination and because it was the only thing that looked appetizing. we felt a little under dressed and mentioned that to the owner. his reply "are you kidding me, you look great!", in his very fitting italian accent. LOVED it.}

{italian doughnuts ... mmm ...}

-potomac river falls

{GORGEOUS! and a definite must see in maryland.}

-temple grounds and visitors' center
"why i believe" – washington dc temple visitors' center {funny story:  we planned our trip around this event at the visitors' center and it was moved to the following week with out our knowledge. instead we saw some crazy michael mclean show titled "the garden" ... interesting}

{isn't this a great picture ... of course this was one of the highlights of the trip!}

{this is bill, my last baptism, and greg, mentioned earlier as one of the last people i had the opportunity to teach. MARVELOUS seeing them. such JOY!}

up next is our morning in baltimore, afternoon in wonderland, and risky evening in south philly. you know you don't want to miss out on that!

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RochelleHaddad said...

I love Sister Ellsworth! She is so cute and funny. I'm glad you go to see her on your trip.