this is taking WAY too long.

it's best if we forge through till it's over.
from now on, no more posts between the travel log.
hold me to it.

DAY #8.
this day needs some explanation:
the forecast predicted rain everyday of our trip, luckily it was wrong most of the time, but on friday, may 20th, it was not.  

rain is sometimes pleasant. sometimes i really like rain.
however, it isn't that welcomed when
1-we are on vacation in a place that we walk everywhere.
2-i am sick and hacking up a lung.
but other than that, it's great.

this should explain why there are hardly any pictures on this post and why the itinerary is scarce. i spent most of my day laying in the incredibly comfortable bed in my hotel room and watching the rain fall out my window.

there was however:

{this was pretty darn good, but the best thing was the pan-roasted chicken with roasted garlic mash, haricot verts, and chicken ajus. oh! but the warm goat cheese and spinach salad with a citrus vinaigrette was SO GOOD too.}
{paige got the 3 cheese mac and cheese with brie, white cheddar and monterrey jack ... "best mac and cheese ever!"}

{paige being birthed - her word's not mine - and some key lime cheesecake.}

-and the upper west side in general

{the reason i ever fell in love with new york city was because i was obsessed with the movie you've got mail. my friends from high school can attest to that. the first time i went to new york, i remember remarking that "it was even better than it appears in you've got mail!"}

{fairway flowers and magnolia treats ... what could be better?}

all things i love and quite enjoyed.

maybe next time the rapper will show up if it doesn't rain.

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Mark said...

Mmm. Sarabeth's on the upper west side. If I were on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", Sarabeth's would play a central role in the episode.