favored fall facets by cassie

{paige's bff/hippest person/music aficionado}

1. don't think i'm trying to portray myself as a sophisticated intellect, although this will probably prove to you that i am a sophisticated intellect: my first favorite thing about fall is ... STARTING SCHOOL. sure, i love summer as much as the next teenish adult, but after a while 3 months of minimum wage work makes you start to worry that "retail shift leader" is your career, and you realize you have not learned one thing all season besides how to get down a mannequin using the long hook without killing a customer, and you just freak out and can't thing of anything more lovely than sitting down in a challenging class learning like a hungry scholar.

2. my next fall love is HEARING WHAT KIDS WANT TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN. at that age its one of the biggest, most influential decisions of the year. i remember planning and debating-what costume will allow me to squeeze the very most fun out of the one time in the year i can legally demand adults to give me candy all day? heck, i don't know why i was so worried, that sounds like it would be fun even if i was wearing a kilt.

3. THE CANDLE SMELLS. fall candle smells are the best of all four seasons. some might argue for winter, but sometimes gingerbread sugar cookie candy cain yum yum can be on the tipping scale of too much, compared to the subtle perfection of apple crisp, pumpkin spice, or cinnamon stick. love it.

4.since food obsession/consumption is second only to gaining a body and making it to the celestial kingdom on the "why i was born" list, it makes sense that one of my faves would be PUMPKIN DELIGHTS/EGGNOG. pumpkin delights = such things as: my grandmas's pumpkin rolls, or courtney's mom's pumpkin pancakes that i have thought about weekly since she made them a year ago. and although eggnog is often associated with christmas, it becomes available fall time. FINALLY. in my opinion, it should be a year round staple. {BTW for fans: look for "pumpkin nog" this year. combines the best of both worlds.}

5. and finally, i love fall because it has the exhilarating feeling of being ON THE VERGE OF SOMETHING. christmastime is the best time of the year for a lot of reasons, and since fall is so close you just get a little tingly sometimes realizing what's ahead. it's like being on the verge of winning the jackpot, or flying to the moon. the build-up is almost as good as the outcome.

**wow cassie, you are such a sophisticated intellect. no really, that list was the BEST and i couldn't agree more with all of the things on that list except for the eggnog.

what can i even add to this?

i know what i'll add, i'll add what i did on this, the first weekend in october.

-see mission loves
-roast things with mission loves
-make bed all smokey by sleeping in it with out desmokyfying myself first
-BEST bike ride
-watch conference
-go to conference

-be late to conference
-eat pumpkin pancakes
-eat chili
-eat sunday roast
-eat homemade doughnuts

it was good.