favored fall facets by audrey.

{fellow suitlander/oozes creativity/a gem!/lover of hippies/future anthropologie designer/best handwriting you'll ever see}

1. cardigans are a social norm and at times, even a must
2. i think of back to school and that makes me think of gilmore girls and that makes me happy
3. beautiful leaf collages are so much easier to make in the fall
4. smells: pumpkin anything, crispness in the air, thanksgiving, byu games, and mold on fallen leaves {is that the same as crispness?}
5. i usually make new friends and develop new loves {both in hobby form and person form}

you da you da best courtie, the best i ever had.

**no audrey, YOU da best! really, she is the best.
i too associate fall with the beginning/continuation of tv series. the satisfaction of finally knowing if beckett will live, see how much baby lilly has grown over the summer {which incidentally was a year or 2}, following a race all over the world ... there is just so much joy in television!
those that infuse most joy into my life are {least loved to most loved}:

#5 glee
#2 castle

i've been wanting to check out "up all night" nbc's new show with will arnett and i've attempted to watch "the new girl" or "a show entirely devoted to the quirks of zooey deschanel" but it is so not funny.
what should i be watching that i'm not? i need to waste more time in front of the television.


Mark said...

The Mentalist. Simon Baker is the bomb. A good mixture of subtle humor and intriguing whodunnitness. The rest of the cast is great too.

Jennifer said...

I second The Mentalist! Fun fall posts.