half way report.

i've been working on planning to work on my 24 things list
i only have 
202 days
4864 hours
291,889 minutes 
to finish. 
let me recap for you, here is my 24 things to do before i turn 25 list.

1. go to disneyland.
{march? with paige? over spring break?}
2. hike mount timpanogos.
3. do more yoga.
4. travel outside of the united states.
{may? with the woods? for 2 weeks?}
5. finish reading jesus the christ.
6. read till we have faces.
{currently working on this.}
7. go to paris with faux parisian {kenzie, this means you}.
{see #4.}
8. make a quilt.
9. participate in a triathlon.
10. buy a condo and/or move to nyc.
{this doesn't look hopeful. 2013?}
11. jump off the high dive.
{this doesn't look hopeful either.}
12. go to texas to see this bundle of joy.
13. ride my bike with no hands.
14. apply to graduate school.
{decidedly NOT doing this. don't judge.}
15. have 1/2 of a master's degree in education.
{or this.}
16. obtain a larger, age appropriate wardrobe.
17. learn the art of watercolor.
18. remember the art of ceramics.
19. watch 5 3, never before seen, classic films. 
20. get a {henna} tattoo.
21. take an overnight trip with paige so she can use her delta airline refund.
{see #1. i'm glad i made this list to include so much overlap!}
22. learn how to slalom ski.
23. hike the narrows.
24. have blonde hair again.
{much like the hair found in this neck of the woods. but reserved for summer, oh summer.}

wish me luck. 
and don't hesitate to holla back if you'd like to assist me with my things.


mack said...

MMMM. May. With the woods. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Love you!

wjmom said...

What is "The Narrows"? I like hiking and would love to do this and/or Timp with you if you need company!

Lynsey said...

Love!!! #12