a little blog lovin.

i've been hearing all about this little design summit that was held in salt lake last weekend. basically a bunch of fashionable and talented bloggers got together to discuss fashionable and talented things. how do i reap the benefits of this meeting? well, i learned that {1}big glasses, red lipstick, and leopard print is IN {big, bold, caps}.


and that {2}i should be reading more blogs. rachel of black*eiffel, outlined a few "up and coming blogs" here. these are three of my favorites.

{especially applies to my current trapped-in-a-cubicle situation}

{owner of this lovely photo/quote} 

{my design role model ... seriously, she has the BEST style.}

happy blogging.

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Miss B. said...

well, that's just the nicest thing! Thank you so much for your kind words. I have a smile on my face!