from dc to you {part 2}.

we're going to have to do two-a-days from now until friday because these are just too good. at this point in my mission i was still in the dc second singles' ward and in my first trio! with sister staley {whom i only call stales} and sister crowfoot.

i just read sister wood's email. man that girl has talent. great email. now i'm chopped liver. oh well.

significant events from august 26th - september 1st included:
-another AMAZING night in dupont circle. we found RAYED last week. he is from saudi arabia and grew up muslim but doesn't really practice anything right now. he asks lots of great questions that we answer this way {excitedly} "there are answers to all of your questions! isn't that great!?!" i love saying that because mostly people aren't as excited as we are about answered questions. we are missionaries. this night was great for two reasons 1} we were teaching rayed. 2} we were in dupont circle, the wind was blowing, it was dusk, and this man was playing some of the most beautiful music that i've ever heard played on a guitar. it was one of those "i'm going to remember this for the rest of time" moments in life. ah. i loved it.
-friday we were at the vc ALL DAY. eh.
-we are teaching this girl from poland. she is studying for the toffle test in september. we helped her by looking up english words that she has to know, that WE didn't even know, in the dictionary. umbrageous?
-what else?
-all the interns moved in from byu. we love byu interns cause they are missionary oriented. this great girl megan came with us tracting in dupont. marvelous. she has great hair too.
-i made up a french song yesterday ... "boppin around in cirque du dupont, with my barret and my bagget." isn't it great?
-oh! uh, john beck came into the vc. yeah that's right. i was like "hmmm, he looks familiar, he must come in a lot." ha ha. he was VERY nice and talkative and it was great hearing his testimony.
-katharina came into the vc too and she is doing marvelously. and i love her so much. she is moving to colorado soon but we are going to meet up for the april general conf. i'm excited.
-two people this week said that i looked like i was from utah. is it my hair?
-i'm so tired.

anyways. i hope this email is sufficient. it isn't no poetry. like sister frenchie, but i will leave you with my testimony. i know that god lives. i know that it is through jesus christ that we can find ALL happiness and ALL joy. a FULLNESS! how wonderful. share that with someone this week. ok?

love you.
sister wightman

ps. good luck shan! i'll be thinking about you a lot. love you!

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