from chevy chase {the city} to you.

i moved from the dc second ward to chevy chase at the beginning of fall 2010. just in time to experience fall in the city. oh man, i loved it. this letter is coming to you from my 9th transfer, serving with sister morgan.

i never leave him

did you watch conference? did you hear that talk? did you love it?
this week went by really fast and i can't really think of anything of significance happening {do i say that a lot?}.
well ... uh ...
1. we were in the city last wednesday and had like, i don't know, 5 minutes left of the night. the night had already been unproductive because of city parking and traffic, but we scurried to find a place to park, contacted for a little second, no success and just as we were leaving i got to talk to this guy. he had just found the parking ticket on his moped, but a gust of wind came along and it blew away. i chased after it for a bit and it eventually flew and got stuck underneath a car. i crawled under the car to get it for him. i don't know why i'm telling you this story. anyway he was grateful and said that his family lives in new york but he would gladly come to the visitors' center to see the bronze statuary. next time he meets missionaries he'll picture me chasing after his ticket {i hope}. god is so great. he knows us and loves us.
2. there is this girl in our ward who is EXACTLY like clementine in "eternal sunshine".
3. conference was so great. i loved elder holland's. mom and dad, you are THEE best. all i am i owe to them. HOLLA!!
4. its beautiful here. and the weather is great. and i love october on the east coast.
5. we have no one to teach. this is a hard area.
6. i met a seik on monday and he told me all about his religion and it was awesome. what is more awesome? the fact that he accepted the missionaries. yeah that's right.
7. sister morgan is alright.
8. you guys are alright.
9. that's all.

sister WIGHTMAN.

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