from dc to you.

here's another {are you guys enjoying this as much as i am? probably not. oh well.}. this letter is coming to you from the 7th transfer of my mission. i was with sister chan in the dc second singles' ward. i think this was the happiest time of my mission. i was serving in the washington dc in the summer. and sister chan, i just love this girl so much. and she loves me. which explains my utter joy during this time of my mission.

hello my family.

this week has been fun. i love times in my mission that i forget that i have a family {rude i know} but it is so much better that way. trust me. anyways this week was that way. transfers always brings fresh anxiety. and anxiety pushes me to be better at what i've been called to do. i've experienced many anxious situations as of late.

most anxious:
-street contacting at the busiest metros
-driving in the city
-knocking on door's of HUGE houses
-church {you know when i used to get "after church social anxiety"? oh in this ward it is the WORST. this ward! is like single's ward heaven - or hell, depending on how you view singles' wards. the ward choir is like motab, the ward mission leader is a practicing dentist, it is the BIGGEST ward i've ever seen, their chapel is like a cathedral, everyone is super classy, they have a "munch and mingle" every sunday. it's ridiculous. oh and EVERYONE is beautiful and talented and creative. yikes.}

so there you go. i'm still trying to get the hang of working in this area. the last baptism the sister's had was in SEPTEMBER! ahhh! but it is a blast to be in the city. yesterday we were checking on someone that lives in dupont circle, just right next to all the embassies. how cool. and serving here just re affirms that i MUST live in a major city before death. i love the vibe. LOVE.

we have a baptism on sunday. her name is sabrina and she is from gabon, africa. she is super solid and awesome. oh! the visitor's center. it's aight. so much of our time is taken up by the vc so it is an adjustment for me. but the spirit there is so amazing that i can't hate it. the wonderful experiences that one has cannot be replaced. i was able to talk to a member on sunday that had lost her husband to cancer in march. she was really having a bad day and was looking at the "purpose of life" kiosk. i felt impressed to talk to her. i shared with her my simple testimony and played the christus for her. the spirit was so strong. it was just a special tender mercy from the lord, for both of us. god is good. and so is his gospel.

yesterday we were tracting and found a sign that said "she who plants a garden plants happiness" i love that. sister chan is great and i love her. i miss sister ellsworth a lil bit, but sister chan is a good replacement. she is just so asian.

well ... are these getting shorter and shorter? i'm really sorry if they are. just know that i'm getting lost in the work and that is the best. ok? i love you all. and because i love you i want you to know that it is through christ that we are saved. so COME UNTO CHRIST AND BE PERFECTED IN HIM.

sister wightman.

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