from suitland to you {part 2}.

i decided to post two today because i love them so much. 
this one is from my first transfer with audrey. may 2010, still in suitland, still lovin every minute:


happiness is your heritage.

we are going to the city today. hooray. we're going to georgetown, which i'm assuming is like soho, which is one of my favorite places, so i'm also assuming we're going to have a ball. we are going to anthropologie to get some ideas on how to spice up our apartment decorations. sister ellsworth is a creative genius. we are also going to georgetown cupcakes! yeah that's right. so i will let ya'll know if its better than a} magnolia cupcakes &/or b} so cupcake. needless to say, i'm excited.

let's see ... we have offically dropped everyone we were teaching. david didn't come to church on sunday so he's gone, marcus said he didn't want to meet with us anymore so he's gone, and everyone else has just weeded themselves out. less work for us. ha! it feels kind of nice to have a fresh, clean start on our hands. a "tabula rasa" if you will. we are gonna tear it up and have a baptism by the end of this transfer. the elders recently dropped everyone they were teaching and two weeks later have 3 baptismal dates ... so ... that's whats going to happen to us. i know it. this area WILL come back to life before i leave it. 

we have been doing lots of finding and checking on former investigators. one that we checked on yesterday is 90 years old, his name is paul and he is already our favorite person. we knocked on the door and asked for paul and he said, "he's on the roof meditating. i'll go and get him." it was raining cats and dogs by the way. so he leaves for a few seconds and returns without the golf hat he was previously wearing. then said, "bonjour madame." ahhh! i love him. what a jokster. we are teaching him in a week. i hope he is accountable and doesn't have a bad memory or something. 

yesterday was zone conference and all the sisters got rebuked by president for not having enough baptisms. he says that we're being "visiting teaching" missionaries and not commiting, bold ones. that we're being chickens. i loved it and i love president. he so good at pumping us up and now we are being really bold. and you know what that will lead to? that's right, BAPTISMS. ha ha. i'm so eager and faithful today.

so it was the airshow on base on saturday and we ate lunch with the haddad's so we could see it. loved it. i got an awful sunburn though. ouch. really bad. oh and you all know how i love the haddad's. on this particular day, they were singing a song about chicken patties: 

"chicken patties on the bun, 
chicken patties on the bun, 
you like chicken patties on the bun? 
i like patties on the bun. 
we like patties on the bun. 
chicken patties on the bun, 
chicken patties on the bun."

just impromptu bursts of song. they are THEE best. and we've been singing that song ever since.
hey guess what? my 8th month mark was on sunday!

um .... i love sister ellsworth so much. she is marvelous. she has compared me to the following items: a} a ray of sunshine and b} the brave little toaster. ha ha. oh man. i was thinking "who does this girl remind me of?" an it has come to me ... she reminds me of paige. and that is the utmost compliment because paige is my favorite person. she delivers her jokes like you paiger and she's creative like you and i love her ... not as much as you, but still ... she's good.

let's see, i will close with a beautiful scripture i found today. i was thinking about how one can increase their faith and then i stumbled upon this:

alma 3:35
"nevertheless they did fast and pray oft and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility and firmer and firmer in the faith of christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, enen to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of thei yielding their herats unto god.
as we sanctify our hearts, we can be a better instrument in the hands of the lord and we can find joy and consolation."

how beautiful. how great.
do it.

i love you. i love my mission. i love this church. i love my savior. i love maryland.
be good.

sister courtney sue wightman


RochelleHaddad said...

I kept hoping to hear about us! I am such a glutton for attention. I love you AND chicken patties on the bun. Let's add Audrey in there for a good healthy measure. =)

Audrey said...

thank you for the inclusion. even if it was just for health reasons.
remember when sister (rochelle) haddad trusted me with making the peanut butter sandwiches for our picnic? i had never felt so honored.