from glenn dale to you.

in commemoration of my being home 1 year from my mission, i will be posting some entertaining {to me anyway} emails i wrote to dear ones. 

this first one is coming to you from glenn dale, maryland. i was serving in a young single adult ward, in my third transfer, with hermana henderson.


the church {finally} decided to switch the myldsmail system to gmail! hooray. i hated that out of date program. 

we just got back from the city. we were in china town {why does every big city have a china town?} cool. we ... went to urban outfitters {i did not like this, it reminded me of courtney too much, sometimes i miss that girl}, then we ate at potbelly's, went to the smithsonian museum of american art where i saw {MY FAVORITE!!!} andy's marilyn. beautiful, just beautiful. then to the portrait gallary and finally to ford's theater. you would love this place dad! i can't wait till you come to see it. it was fun but so so tiring. 
it has been snowy this week and so the city gets put on hold and no one leaves their houses. it's so weird. i guess we're getting a big storm this weekend {looks like another lockdown}. 

***items of business: my investigator is getting baptized on sunday.***

{this next segment has really nothing to do with anything but i wanted to share my revelation of the week} this week i was called cynical for the 3rd time in my mission. i've always thought to be cynical was a bad thing, am i right or am i right? so i looked up the definition {cynic: one who believes all human action has selfish motives.} i'm not like that. so i also looked up skeptic and negativism {skeptic: 1. someone who habitually doubts or questions. 2. a doubting or questioning attitude. negative: skepticism, resistance to the ideas, suggestions, orders of others.} i then went to the third person that called me cynical and asked them to point to the thing that i was, they pointed to skeptic. mmm. i remember my mother telling me all my life that missions are hard because you learn another thing that is wrong about you every day. ha! i was just curious your feelings on this subject, mom, dad, everyone else whose opinions i cherish. i really don't think being a skeptic is a bad thing. am i wrong? let me know what you think i am and if you think it's bad to be that. 

my week:
-cooked for "tute"
-loved it
-taught our new investigator chris in a super ghetto part of town
-learned that i'm probably going down south for transfers, to suitland {more ghetto area, i guess i'm meant to be a "snowflake", what they call us white girls, my whole mission}.
-learned that i love sharpening pencils {what does this say about my personality?}
-we were put on lockdown because of snow
-luckily we were already out when we got the call out so we stopped at chipotle on they way home and i learned how to order a steak burrito in spanish.
-jose {a guy in our ward} brought us peruvian food for dinner. he drove a long way in the snow just to deliver it to us. nice! it was delightful.
-did i tell you i learned how to knit. julia {a girl in the ward} works at a yarn dying factory and gives us free yarn in pretty colors. so i'm knitting a scarf.
-we walked to the 7-11 and memorized a cookie recipe on the back of a flour package, bought a diet coke and some m&m's, then walked back home and made cookies. fun. and so delish.
-we went to church and then to the visitor's center.
-we taught michelle and had a blast. i ate shrimp. weird. 
-we tracted a ton and met some crazies. i love it.
-talked to deloris!!!! i hope we can teach her again!!!
-we taught abe. he's good.
-went to the vc, no one came in the entire night because it was lightly snowing. but i did watch "easter dream" which was a goodie.

welp. paige! i love your hair. cute cute cute. family. i love you too much. thanks for being good. until next time!

sister wightman

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