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i guess you already know my love for movies.
i guess you already know that the oscar's is the culmination of my love for the year.
i'm not sure if you know that i attend an oscar party every year. and that this year will be no different.

oscar party 2008.

oscar party 1960. 
no really it's just me on halloween.

and now for my take on the noms. as if you care maybe some of you care. 

for best picture
worth seeing if only because it is a {nearly} silent film. i think this will take the award.

meh. not best picture worthy.

never saw it. heard it wasn't very good.

loved it. but best picture good? maybe.

good. and i love me some martin scorsese, but ... 
i thought it was a bit self promoting. or preachy or something.

baseball? didn't see. probably won't.

best movie in 2011. 
woody allen + paris, can it get better? also nominated for best director and best original screen play. i assume it will take home at least one of these.

i think i wrote about this on this here blog. i actually liked it a lot. if anything it should win for it's cinematography. 

i have not, can not, and probably will not ever bring myself to enjoy horse movies. but it was epic.

other opinions:
obviously, best original song should go to "man or muppet" from the muppets, music and lyrics by the very talented bret mckenzie.

and few could pull off what michelle williams did in my week with marilyn. plus, she has great hair.

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