from suitland to you.

today's letter is coming to you from suitland, maryland in april 2010. i was in my 5th transfer and i was training sister sorensen.

it’s 90 degrees

hello my loves, hello ... john denver?

ok. my week went by really fast, so fast that i can't recall anything significant happening. so sorry i didn't email yesterday. our p day has been switched to today so we can attend a national's baseball game. i'm pretty excited. we are going to the city a bit early to see what's left of the cherry blossoms and then the game starts at 4:30pm. the whole mission is coming so i'm really excited. we get a full p day too which i thought was odd, but hey, fine by me. we are going with sister brooks and sister cagnacci a little early. we had zone conference yesterday and i came to the realization that 90% of my mission buddies have left already ... henderson, walt, allen, hayasaka, etc, etc, etc. so i am determined today to make more mission buddies. i still have sister frost though and i love that girl. there are a lot of new sisters that i don't know at all cause i've been away from the vc {sister brooks is one of them}. 
my point in all this is to tel you that i'm excited to get to know new sisters and make new mission bffs. ha ha. 

this week we have tracted a ton!!!! oh my. so much. and it has been so hot. so. the humidity and heat will kill me this summer. really. you'd think at dusk it would get a little better, but no. it stays just at hot and sticky. i have to take my showers at night now. but it is beautiful and i am liking the heat and sun a lot more than the cold. 

conference was great right? we watched all but one session at the church. my how focused it was on the family. about teaching your children in the home about our savior jesus christ. how grateful i am to the two angels that taught me about my savior. they're the best. i loved elder perry's talk and of course, elder uchtdorf's. i just kept thinking about my future children who are waiting to gain their mortal bodies. how much responsibility that is to have a child of god given to you. scary. 

we ate easter dinner with a british sister in our ward ... whom i think served with you mom. we had lamb with mint jelly {so british} and carrots and peas, potatos and strawberry shortcake for dessert. it was so lovely. we watched a mormon message for the thought, the one from elder holland's "none werewith him" talk. BEAUTIFUL words! 

on tuesday we ate lunch in a cute little park. i was lying on the grass looking up into the tall trees with their little buds on them {just a little green...}. the sun was shining on my face and i thought "this is what it must have looked like the day joseph saw god." it was this time of year, in this part of the country. i loved it. i loved that thought. at the end of the day i realized it was april 6th ... significant?

thank god for his tender mercies, his little reminders that the full gospel of jesus christ has been restored to the earth through joseph smith. how great thou art.

i didn't get any letters from you guys this week. what's up with that?

i love you people so much and i miss you so much. the church is true ok.

sister wightman

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