from chevy chase to you {part 2}.

another from the blessed land of chevy chase. 

another from the publisher of peace. 
i call myself that now. cool.

so, sorry about last week's pictures. i really did try to upload them but it wasn't working. did you get any of them? i did go to arlington and tried to upload a pictie, but it's just a cemetery so it was kind of boring for me {does that make me an ignorant american? ... maybe}.

is it just me or are the weeks just going by so fast that it is the most ridiculous thing ever to happen on this earth and in the universe ever ever ever. i just wanted to see how long i could make that sentence. you know who is good at making THEE LONGEST sentences? james e talmage. man, jesus the christ is the best book ever written {not including the scriptures} but really. i love it and everyone should read it and better their vocabulary. i learned "ubiquidous" this week. and my testimony of christ has really gotten a lot stronger as i have read, in such great and eloquent detail, about his life. love it.

where was i? oh.
this week went by fast.

i have made the executive decision to not make a decision about my future unitl i return home. i don't know why i told you that, but i did. it was a big decision for me so that's why. i also made the desicion that i am doing the following when i get home:

-getting a street bike and finally starting up the bike gang i have always dreamt of.
-making a quilt.
-wearing big, black rimmed glasses.

that's all about that.

thanks for the pkgS. i love pumpkin cookies and pumpkin candles and crazy things that my parents send me. they make me {and others} quite happy.

i heart city.

i came up with a theme for the sister's festival program ... ba ba ba ba "with the angels we too rejoice" mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm.
everything i've thought about this week {lil bit of an exaggeration} has been FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! the "kick-off" meeting is tomorrow.

i heart city.

oh my! on sunday was the why i believe program. and this guy from lds philanthropies came and talked about all the church's humanitarian aide. he also spoke to the people on capitol hill on monday. but it was SO GREAT. i loved his presentation. i was just thinking, "these are the fruits of the restored gospel of jesus christ." did you know that the church pride's itself on arriving first {within 6 HOURS! of the incident} on the scene and leaving last? yeah that's right. it was great. why do we do this? why do we sign up for this? why do rich members of the church fly helicopters around haiti and drop bags of beans and rice? because we love god.

if you can't tell by the lack of talking about PEOPLE in my emails, it is because we aren't really teaching anyone right now. chevy chase is BY FAR the hardest area i've served in on my mission. but i still love {almost} every minute of it.

you know what i came to a realization of this week, i CHOOSE faith. it really isn't all that easy at times. but i know that this is what brings me joy, i know that it brings others joy. it gives me peace. and because of that, i CHOOSE faith. i know the bitter from the sweet {thanks to the whole mission experience, THIS IS HARD} and i CHOOSE sweet. there is a longer story that goes along with this whole thought process but i haven't the time or desire to share it all now. ask me later. anyway, THIS is the mortal experience, THIS is what it's all about. 

"we have the agency to choose which characteristics will define us; those choices are not thrust upon us."
-elder dallin h oaks

he's great.
can i name my daughter ruby? random thought.
another of those:  i put lavender in my scriptures, now when i open them, the scent fills the room <3 ahhhhhh.
i love this.

i love you. you that are suffering {lyns ... both of you}, i love you so much and i know that god gives us challenges that we CAN and WILL overcome through the saviour's help. turn to him with full purpose of heart and he will deliver you from bondage.

da da da  da THE PUBLISHER OF PEACE ... sister courtney wightman.

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