from laurel to you.

laurel, maryland was my last area. oh man i loved that place. this letter was just after my last christmas in the mission. i was with audrey {again} and sister hazen. 
there was a point on my mission that i just switched like a light bulb and loved every minute of it. i could tell that i had given everything i was to christ. i was serving him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength, and he thanked me by giving me such joy and such peace. 

there’s a snake in my boot
yeah. i saw it. 

 happy new year. hooray.

i had a marvelous christmas, which included:
-sleeping in on christmas eve {present from the riches}.
-white elephant gifts {i gave a lovely value village broach and some house earrings and received a bunch of junk ... white elephants}.
-elder rich reading us luke two in the house that is in the vc {you'll have to come and see it some day i guess, so you'll know what i'm talking about ...}.
-getting so many great packages from wonderful family and friends {fudge from the cosgroves, so good. card from the roper's, such a cute idea. delish food from LOTS of you. "we are his hands", from linda, LOVE IT. etc. etc. etc.} thank you thank you thank you.
-watching toy story 3! yeah that's right. so, when i saw the previews for toy story three, i already knew i would be serving a mission. see, toy story 3 came out at my half way point. when i heard that they were showing all three in the 3d in the theaters, i really wondered if i could miss that event. really. so you can imagine my excitement as i saw those pixar clouds appear on the screen in the main theater of the vc. it just about brought tears to my eyes. i was so happy. best christmas present. best. the matsumori's also gave us a temple recommend holder with the dc temple on it and our mission scripture on the inside. funny thing, i was going to buy one the day before but decided not to ... then they gave us one for christmas. ah. so great.
-eating roast beef {even though mine was really very rare}.
-singing for over 2000 people {check it out on fb}. 
-i can't believe i just said that.
-ha ha.
-but really, francisco posted it i think. 
-it went well.
-i think.
-i was happy with it. 
-calling my family.
-which was, of course, so marvelous. 
-meeting a lot of non-christians and latinos {those are the people that come to a temple visitor's center on christmas day}. it was great and i gave out a lot of "the living christ". loved it. what is a better way to spend your christmas than telling people about CHRIST? 
-let me tell you, there is no better way. 
-feeling so so grateful that heavenly father gave me, not one, but tww christmases to spend serving him with ALL of myself. 
-nice people asking us if we wanted to come over from christmas or christmas eve.
-it snowed on christmas morning. it was great. 
-watching toy story three.
-i just had to say that twice.
-feeling sorry for the newer missionaries that have probably seen toy story three already and thought that it was lame. 

ok. i'm done. 
other than that:
-i'm sick. i have a cold and am dying. what a blessing that it came AFTER all that festival performance mumbo jumbo. 
-sister silva gave me deodorant for christmas because i purchased my current deodorant from a health food store and maybe it isn't working. ha ha. i love her guts. 
-it is really cold here.
-i accidentally ripped up a paper that had a bunch of potential investigator's on it. oops. then we gathered all the pieces and taped it back together and laughed for hours. 
-the riches took me to the bank on yesterday {bad grammar} to cash grandma's checks. they are my best friends. afterwards they took me to mcdonald's and bought me dinner and we chatted as we ate it in the temple parking lot. i love them. favored memory right there. 
-a jazz trifecta performed last night. can i have a jazz band at my wedding?
-tanner, cool andy warhol banana notebook.
-paige, you're so cute. you look like a little blogger we love, but you're way better {i know. i've gotten to know both of you and you take the cake}.
-paige, you got that "this is new york" book that i love. 
-pagie, you got a cocoa latte and i'm jealous. people will be friends with you just because you have that. 
-family, you are so great lookin.
 -avery, you're so cute i can't handle it. 
-thanks for standing by me to take all those picties at church. 
-the church is still true and jesus is still the christ. 

sister WIGHTMAN.

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