from laurel to you {part two}.

i think this letter was probably 2 or 3 weeks before i came home. i was in laurel with stales again. can you imagine a better death? it was that good. i saw two baptisms this transfer and we witnessed loads of miracles. and we were on bikes, which is the ultimate reason i loved it. 

i hope you enjoyed this little commemoration of my mission. my mission was the best thing i've ever done, my fondest dream. a day doesn't pass that i'm not grateful for that calling. it has made all the difference in my life. i know that when we give ourselves to christ, he responses with peace and joy and comfort and happiness; maybe not right away, but he always keeps his promises and in a way that we can't even imagine.

the gospel is sweet.

oh what a week. 
i don't have much time because we just fininshed playing marshmellow wars for our zone activity. it took forever. but was fun. what happened in the last 7 days?

-i got my travel itinerary. did you? it is super weird. and don't think that just because my plane lands at 840pm means we don't have to go to cafe rio. think again friends! actually, when i got it i said "840pm, hmmmm ... too late to go to cafe rio? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!" since i go then i've been doing some serious reflection on my mission. we were asked to send in our most memorable spiritual experience, humorous experience, and conversion story. hmmm. i feel proud of my service. i really can say that i've tried my very hardest. and luckily, the atonement makes up the rest. it's been good. it's been the BEST. but it's not over. 
 -also on thurs a member came in and pretened not to be one while i gave hime a temple tour and explained to him the restoration. GEH! then he went to the temple. 

-we went to the temple.
-i found out that casava leaf comes from the yuka leaf. random factoid.
-i went to SUITLAND on exchange!

-i was on exchange in SUITLAND. and i got to see a bunch of loves. including the haddads. she even bought me this cute lil gift that i love. i was fun to see everyone and everything. loved it. 

-FRANCIS' baptism! yippee! it was so great. lots of people came from the ward to support him. sister ellsworth and sister hazen came too. he is wonderful and has truly had 'a mighty change of heart and has no desire to do evil but do good continually.' 
-i decided that standing in holy places can mean more than physically standing in a holy place. and i like that. 
-i'm joyfully, joyfully, marching to my home {or sprinting}.

-i thought to myself as i was teaching a great guy named bill that is our new investigator that has a baptismal date, "i'm gonna miss this. i'm gonna miss teaching." bill is so great. he is the only guy left in his family and really needs to gospel and the plan of salvation. we taught him in shoppers, which was pretty cool.
-also on this day we taught another new investigator named kenyona. it was interesting to see how different it was teaching her than teaching bill. she has had a really hard life and, because of the suffereing she has seen, doesn't believe in god anymore. so we we're stuck on the first principle. but that's ok. i like telling people that there is a god and that he loves them and knows them. i like encouraging them to look in their lives to see for themselves. and i know they can see. 

-SO great.
-i was in a really good mood yesterday. 
-FRANCIS came to the vc and he loved it. he learned about baptisms for the dead and about the temmple. he is so good! i love him. also i saw michelle. 
-the reason i saw all these people is because it was the night of music and inspiration. i sang "lean on my ample arm" in a quartet {i sang alto ... the easiest part} and spoke on "peace through repentance". the theme was "sweet is the peace the gospel brings". oh it was great. i loved every second of it. including when the assistants sang a marvelous version of "lead kindly light". i'm sure francis will make us all cds and we can listen to it as many times as we want. i read "star of wonder" in my talk. thanks dad. it was great. 

-i emailed YOU!

i love you people. i love this work too and i'm soakin it all in. i'm like bread pudding. 

LOVES! and until next time.
-sister WIGHTMAN

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