sometimes when i am really bored at work, i read the message boards on imdb. there are some real gems on those message boards ... 

there was this one i was reading today about movies that change lives. and it got me to thinking what movies have changed my life?

10 movies that changed my life {in no particular order}:

- north by northwest
in the summer of 1999, a movie theater near my house was showing north by northwest on the big screen. it was my first hitchcock experience. the tension! the love story! changed my life.

- the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
i remember perfectly the first time i saw this. i had heard great things about it and wanted to check it out for myself, so i got a rental and watched it in my room. as soon as it was over, i immediately started it over again. it was mind blowing. charlie kaufman is a genius. changed my life.

- amelie
this film made me love everything about france; the music, the scenery, the language. it portrays the commonplace of every day life as utopian beauty and made me look at the world in a whole new way. changed my life.

- little miss sunshine
i'll never forget watching that opening scene in the theater for the first time. abigail breslin wearing those big 80s glasses with devotchka playing. beautiful. changed my life.

- toy story
loved this movie when it came out. love it now. will always love it. changed my life.

- the shining
this isn't the first time i've mentioned this movie on my blog. the first time i saw this it scared the wits out of me. and my love for horror movies was born. changed my life.

- into the wild
i think i wrote about this on my blog once too. at the time i saw this film, i felt so in sync with the main character. he just wanted to be self-actualized and i wanted to be self-actualized. changed my life.

- the graduate
my sophomore year of college, my roommate and i had nothing to do on a friday night. we found a vhs of the graduate and popped it in. it is the beautiful combination of music, dialogue, and silence. the pacing and cinematography are perfect. i loved watching benjamin in his lost state. it is just a piece of art. changed my life.

- singing in the rain
we rented this once when i was little, but big enough to understand what was going on. from then on i knew i loved three things: old movies, musicals, and gene kelly tap dancing. changed my life.

-manhattan murder mystery
my first woody allen experience. his humor had me rolling in the aisles and the story is captivating. changed my life.

other than that, here are some things i'm loving as of late.

happy weekend! but mostly happy taylorsville dayzz!

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