guest post // activities for fall, from annie.

today's guest post comes from annie, of stevenannie. i talk about annie quite a bit here. first she was some girl that was dating my cousin (who is really more like my brother, my cousin brother), then she was some girl that got married to my cousin brother. now she's like my dietitian, my fellow yogi, my therapist, my shopping buddy, my sous chef, and most recently, my paige-filler. she's wonderful and i'm grateful everyday that she's some girl that dated my cousin brother.

1. going to my family's cabin in september or october, or doing anything in the mountains during fall.

2. making and EATING autumn food.
... need i say more? colder weather means warm comfort food. this means hot chocolate, herbal tea, soup (particularly zucchini, homemade tomate, and butternut squash soups), warm rolls, pumpkin flavored everything, pumpkin steamers from starbucks (steamed milk with pumpkin flavoring, you HAVE to try it!), zucchini everything (just posted a zucchini pizza on my blog), apple things, sweet potatoes, apple cider, homemade donuts, etc ... i love food, what can i say? one thing i like to do is make a steaming mug of cocoa and put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in it. YUM!

3. throwing our annual halloween party. 
pretty much everyone who knows me knows that halloween is my favorite holiday. what could be better than a holiday where you get to dress up and look silly while eating all kinds of candy? plus, you can go to haunted houses, watch scary movies (does hocus pocus count as a scary movie?), make crazy halloween food, play funny pranks on people, and much much more. thanksgiving is another favorite holiday. the idea is so simple, but it reminds me each year to be thankful for what i have. i love being with family and eating lots of yummy things. 

4. going to/watching utah football! 
again, eating good food, seeing friends, wearing comfy ute sweatshirts. it's great.* 

5. watching the changing leaves. 
seeing the mountains turn shades of red, orange, and yellow makes me giddy. it's a change from what we've seen over the spring and summer. seeing the leaves turning colors reminds me that even changes in our own lives can bring something new and beautiful.

6. wearing autumn clothing.
as with food, colder weather means warmer clothes. sweaters, boots, hats, scarves, thick socks, coats/jackets, etc. fall clothing is sooo cute. i love wearing warm, cozy clothes.

*this blog does not support ute football, but we let it slide just for annie


brittney said...

oh my stars, that Ute asterisk just made my whole day.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

Oh my gosh, I actually teared up a little when I started to read this. Me and my girly hormones... I'm so glad that you are some cousin of the guy I dated (and now married too).

Also, I dreamed last night that you made an announcement that you weren't going to blog anymore...because of me. Because I am going to London. Not sure how those two tie together, but I'm glad you are still blogging.