guest post // activities for fall, from audrey.

today's post comes from one of my most favoritest people, audrey. i talk about her a lot too. i have the greatest friends! audrey and i first met in a ceramics class at byu. i told her i would buy her ceramic arm with fluffy white clouds painted on it and put it in a feminist art exhibit. she didn't speak to me for the rest of the semester. luckily we got a second chance at friendship when she moved to suitland to do missionary work with me. she understands me now.

1. go on a fall picnic. people these days. ya, know? they all think picnics are for summer time. well guess what, they are dead wrong. the fall is perfect for them. to try to show to you my passion for this number one item on my list, i wrote a poem about it:

go by yourself or with friends,
grab your basket full of odds and ends,
wear some warm fall clothes, 
hike to some place no one knows, 
pull out your bread and butter
and that vintage thermosutter*
enjoy the crisp beautiful scene of changing colors
with yourself or with others

*thermos that rhymes with butter, not to be mistaken for a normal thermos

2. as a child, the other children and i loved baked potatoes. the mother would often ask us what we wanted for dinner. of course we would request baked potatoes year round. in the summer, my mother's response would be something like, "well baked potatoes are more of a winter food." of course children don't understand this reasoning and i'm not sure i do now. but what i do know is that i ate potatoes yesterday and i wlll probably eat them again today. 

3. bike rides. what better way to get in the crisp fall air than to bike around in it? to show you my passion for this love called bikes, i wrote a rant about it:

just ride your bike. ride it in the city or in the country. ride it fast or slow. ride it, ride it, ride your bike. bike. bikes. i love bikes. bikes with baskets. bikes with gears. bikes with no gears. bikes that are colored. bikes that are black and white. bikes are winners. we are winners when we ride bikes.**

**please don't auto tune that and make it sound ridiculous, it's better if read in a monotone voice

4. well, knitted goods. or just warm clothes in general. such as this, or that, or those.

5. i have this playlist that is called wool socks and neutrals. this playlists makes so much more sense when i can actually wear wool socks and neutrals. i try in the summer, but sometimes it's no fun. so in the fall the playlist really makes a comeback and even gets a little refurbished.


Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

good idea about the bike rides, I'll have to do that!

Audrey said...

say the bike ride rant while biking. its exhilarating.