guest post // activities for fall, from miss marie.

the first time i met marie was at her house, i think maybe even in her room. mostly what i remember from this experience is that it was like wonderland. and i stood on her acupressure foot stand for the whole time we were there. but i mostly know marie from her blog, begin again cardigan. this girl's the whole package: asain, fashionable, drives a cube, rides a vintage bike, drinks tea, and is an outdoors enthusiast. check it!

hello miss wightman's valiant readers! the lovely courtney here has asked me to write on a fall activity; i decided to take this task very seriously and i did some research. and here is what i have found:

hiking is the best fall activity (also anything pumpkin, but courtney specifically asked me not to mention this). ok i didn't really do research, i already knew this, but i did go on a recommended fall hike. check it:

tell me you love that! it was spectacular!
hiking. seriously just go and do it! fall hikes are marvelous! romantic! and so fall! don't you just want to rejuvenate yourself from the hot summer days and sit near a gorgeous lake while sipping hot cocoa? yes, yes you do.

now go and take your honeys up to lake blanche.

also speaking of mountains and beautiful leaves ...
the sundance lift anyone? most wonderful thing ever. they even give you a little blanket if its cold. precious.

happy falling!

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Unknown said...

what a spectacular intro, i loved it!