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today's post is coming to you from me! i've told you before how much i love fall. i love the smells! i love eating pumpkin everything, i love that good crispness in the air, i love halloween, i love wearing scarves and tights. mmm. but here are a few things i like to get out and do during fall:

donut falls, taken with instagram.

1. participating in conference weekend festivities.
october conference is my favorite. it has all the things i love wrapped up into one grand weekend. ok so on friday i usually print out a conference activity booklet (i never got over those games your parents make you play to pay attention when you're little). and on friday night there is usually a washington dc north mission party and seeing all those mission friends is the best! come saturday morning you can find us at one of the sessions. the flowers on temple square are all spent and the leaves are just starting to fall, everyone is dressed in their fall sunday best with boots and scarves and that beautiful mustard yellow color. we always accompany the session with a lovely lunch in salt lake city. sunday is mostly about eating. we wake up, don't get ready, and run downstairs for pumpkin pancakes. then we cozy up round the tv in the family room to watch the first session. for lunch my mom makes her chili. oh man, if i could just have that right now! last year we rounded out the day by making doughnuts (i told you it was mostly about eating). oh and we usually do something with extended family or friends during the weekend. so there you have it, all my favorites in one grand weekend.

2. going on a fall hike.
this is a newly found fall love for me. unfortunately my summer didn't consist of much hiking. to make up for it, i decided to take my mountaineering to fall. this week we drove up big cottonwood canyon to donut falls. it is a quick hike, maybe an hour, super easy, and super pretty. you just can't beat those aspens at this time of year. it was so beautiful and i so wish i could bottle that misty mountain air smell.

3. watching football and more eating.
fall always reminds me of football. in high school i remember dressing warmly, getting some of that delish starbucks hot cocoa and heading over to see taylorsville high school loose pathetically. now a days i do that same thing except with byu ... hahahahahaha. just kidding, dad ... no but really, my weekends during fall are filled with byu football watching. to honor the cougars and lavell edwards stadium i eat a cougar dog each game, which is a big sacrifice for me because i don't usually like hot dogs; but something about those cougar dogs, they get to me.

4. wearing/shopping for fall clothes.
the only real reason i put this on the list was because i wanted to talk about these moccasins that i saw at dsw last week. i saw them sitting there on the display and instantly, in my mind's eye, i saw myself wearing them and never taking them off until spring; just frolicking and happy. but other fall clothes are wonderful too. right now i'm wearing this great burnt orange cardigan that i completely forgot about! and yesterday i wore a gigantic yellow scarf as my coat. oh, i also have my eye on this anthropologie coat. it shouldn't be too difficult to fulfill my dreams on this one because the new anthropologie just opened in city creek and it is beautiful (also because i still have a gift card from my birthday)!

5. watching horror movies.
you know i love this. it might be that we only have 31 days to fit in all the scary movies we wanna watch, but the anticipation for october horror movie watching is the greatest. as we speak, i am just giddy with excitement. we pick the movies for the season ever so carefully to fit in only the best. and then we are just terribly frightened the whole month. fun right! oh and even though this is not a horror movie activity, i thought i'd mention it because it's just soso great. the tower is having a mamma mia sing-a-long this weekend. we went to the west side story sing-a-long a bit ago and it may have been the best thing i've ever done in salt lake. imagine: salt lake city, movies, 9th and 9th, mamma mia, abba, the tower, singing; if you like any of those things this is right up your alley.

well there you have it; all the fall activities you could ever ask for. i learned that i have some things i need to check off my fall to-do list: go pretend camping, try the pumpkin steamers at starbucks, go on a fall picnic while listening to this playlist, and hike to lake blanche. thanks to everyone who participated, you're wonderful for doing so. and thanks to everyone who read. did we miss anything? what are some things you like to do to celebrate fall?

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Mark and Lisa said...

I like to make applesauce. Nothing smells more like fall than warm applesauce with cinnamon! And I like to take a drive in the canyon to photograph the beautiful leaves. Cooking and canning - those are fallish activities for me!