65 things to get you through a utah winter.

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it is so unnaturally, wrongly cold today in salt lake. it was 0 degrees when i came into work this morning and only 9 degrees when i made my daily diet coke run. i thought it might be appropriate to post this list of 65 things to get you through a utah winter. came up with it with my friends, i think it was probably during summer (we were preparing mentally for winter, which takes some time). stay warm!

  1. visit the beehive tea room
  2. get steamed milk from 7-11 (or starbucks for fancy people)
  3. make hot chocolate of all kinds (you might want to buy a cocoa latte for this)
  4. go to SUNDANCE
  5. have a movie themed party (watch waitress and make pies, julie and juila and cook up a french storm)
  6. cheer on your favorite basketball team
  7. watch a tv series faithfully (have you checked out mindy project? i'm obsessed)
  8. throw a valentine's day party
  9. throw a saint patrick's day party (cook corned beef and cabbage)
  10. watch the superbowl and eat wings while you're at it
  11. have an academy awards part, dress the part
  12. have a film noir night (dress up again!)
  13. throw a tea party with your grandmother's china
  14. go on a staycation
  15. visit some hot springs
  16. sled down a sugarhouse park hill
  17. build a snowman
  18. laser tag?
  19. make the perfect winter playlist
  20. decorate sugar cookies
  21. decorate your home with paper snowflakes
  22. organize!
  23. make a movie
  24. go to the temple - the visitors' center
  25. visit utah museums - natural history, contemporary art, discovery gateway, clark planetarium, the leonardo, etc
  26. spend time at the salt lake city library
  27. bake goodies
  28. make and give away wintery homeless gift bags
  29. try a bikram yoga class 
  30. make a fleece blankie
  31. have a spa day
  32. knit something fabulous
  33. visit a ski resort
  34. have a waffle party (or the fancier version: a crepe party)
  35. go tubing
  36. have a rice pudding party
  37. spend a weekend in st george
  38. visit the homestead crater
  39. celebrate mardi gras (make beignets)
  40. have a "cultural night" and celebrate different cultures (food should obviously be involved in this)
  41. game night! (try one of these: ticket to ride, pass the popcorn, spot it)
  42. make-OVERSSS!!!
  43. build a fort
  44. have a slumber party (play truth or dare)
  45. have an indoor picnic
  46. make friendship bracelets (or buy these tattoos i recently saw and save time)
  47. have a chopped or iron chef cook off
  48. go to a concert of some kind
  49. snow shoe
  50. have a snowball fight
  51. go ice skating
  52. walk on a frozen lake (recreate that scene from eternal sunshine)
  53. do doughnuts in a parking lot
  54. make snow angels
  55. spend a night at nicklecade
  56. snowmobile
  57. rent a cabin in the woods
  58. go to a hockey game
  59. have a read-a-thon
  60. eat an icicle
  61. drink homemade cider
  62. celebrate pie day (3.14)
  63. have a fondue feast
  64. make snow ice cream
  65. make a snow fort

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