currently loving.


i basically did this post just so i could talk about this, my newest obsession. brewed cocoa beans. genius right?! and delicious. check it out! or come to my house and i'll brew you a cup because you better believe a bought a french press for this stuff.
- swim suit shopping
is it too early to be talking swim wear? apparently not since jcrew has been emailing me their 2013 collection. this year i'm gearing up to invest in a real nice one. this can be my reward for meeting my health goals ... or something.
- my pushing daisies marathon
- my long coat
- boots
- having a blanket in my car
handy for negative-degree mornings.
- listening to my ipod on shuffle
thrilling, really. i found a judy collins gem the other day.
- thinking about training for a 10k or mini triathlon
note that this is just the thinking, not sure i'll love the actual doing.
- monopoly
- lame movie double features
most recently, the apparition and the house at the end of the street.
- the jcrew outlet at traverse mountain
- sundance buzzzz
and the fact that i get to see two! this week!
- this cetaphil lotion cleanser that my mom has at her house
- the anticipation of our upcoming annual lava trip (i gotta get out of this smog!! anywhere! anyhow!)

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brittney said...

Brewed hot chocolate sounds so interesting! Next time we're together we MUST have some.