emily's 10 most anticipated films of 2013.

hello readers! new year, new movies to look forward to. i was going to keep the seasonal theme going and do new years movies, but at mid-month it hardly seems relevant anymore. plus there are even less good new years movies than there are thanksgiving films!

so instead, let's just celebrate the new year with my top ten most anticipated films of 2013:

1. the hobbit: the desolation of smaug
i know some people were disappointed by the first installment, but i absolutely adored it. i can't wait to spend some more time in middle earth! plus more smaug in the sequel can't be a bad thing!

2. man of steel
superman has been one of my favorite superheros for a long time (that may or may not have something to do with the fact that he is always played by an amazingly attractive man ...). it's about time he returned to the cinemas in the glory he deserves. brandon routh in superman returns was fine, but he was bogged down by a pretty redundant script. hopefully with nolan's participation this one will be on par with what he did for the batman franchise.

3. the great gatsby
i just LOVE good ol' baz lurhmann. moulin rouge is one of my favorites and i also adore romeo + juliet. i wasn't too keen on australia, so i'm hoping it's more along the lines of his other films ... and from the trailer it does indeed look that way. the cast is perfect and the visuals look spectacular. all the pieces are in place, but ... i AM wary of the score. really hoping i'll adore this one.

4. before midnight
richard linklater's (bernie) third installment in the best romantic series of all time! how many romantic series are there really? but in my opinion, before sunrise and sunset are some of the finest films about romance and relationships around. the scenery is fantastic, the dialogue fascinating and the chemistry between the two actors is always winsome. i can't wait to see what happens next!

5. star trek: into darkness
i loved jj abrams take on the first film in his star trek reboot and i can't wait to reunite with the characters again. the trailer looks fantastic and i'm always game for a good space journey (even if my first preference is ALWAYS star wars).

6. monster's university
okay just the promotional campaign they've put forward already makes me SO excited for this film (monsters university website)! i probably haven't been this excited about a pixar film since up. i'm still trying to keep my expectations low, but seriously this looks adorable.

7. frozen
looks like disney finally got the hint from princess and the frog and tangled that animated adaptations of beloved fairy tales is a GOOD thing! i can't wait to see their take on the snow queen!

8. the spectacular now
okay there are a lot of other movies i could have placed on this list, but i'm guilty of loving (500) days of summer so much that i just can't wait to see what the writing duo has up their sleeves next. the cast is solid and i'm hopeful this film, based off of a popular book, will be great.

9. pacific rim
this film seems to be on everyone's radar and so i'm putting it on mine. the trailer was pretty spectacular and i'm expecting this to be big!

10. oz: the great and powerful
i love sam raimi. the trailer looks kinda hit and miss, and the fact it's coming out in march isn't the best sign, but the cast is fantastic and the potential is there. i'm hoping it'll be an early surprise.

honorable mentions: thor, after earth, iron man 3, and anchorman: the legend continues.

**this is a wonderful list! can't wait for GATSBY!! it's one of my favorite books (did you know i have favorite books? weird right?), perfect cast, america in the 1920's!, and jay z is writing the score ... i'm dying. thanks emily for your time and effort; it's always appreciated. oh! and check out her most recent post about fictional movies, it's hilarious.

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Sarah said...

Fun list! Good movies to look forward to!