see these movies.

i usually leave the movies up to my comrade emily, but the oscar nominations came out today and i wanted to give my take on the best movies of 2012!

1. the impossible
about a family that got separated during the 2004 asian tsunami. i had seen a couple previews for this movie and thought it looked good but was not prepared for what it actually was; it has to be one of, if not THE MOST, powerful movies i've ever seen. not since the kite-runner have i been so emotionally involved in a screen play. i thought bayona's directing was amazing (much like his job on one of my favorite horror films) and the acting awe-inspiring. naomi watts for the win! you MUST see this film.

2. skyfall
about bond ... james bond. so one time i forgot that i had seen casino royale, TWICE! i had no recollection of the plot or anything for that matter! this is very unlike me because i'm pretty sure that casino royale is a really great movie. so when we got tickets to see the latest of the bond movies i wasn't expecting much but i was soso wrong. maybe it was sam mendes' doing, or the fact that javier bardem is maybe the creepiest creep villian ever! but i loved every second of it. gotta catch this one.

3. silver linings playbook
about a crazy guy trying to get sane. did you think you'd see a day where jack black and bradley cooper were contending for a golden globe for best actor? yeah, i didn't either. boy was he good in this, along with everyone else: robert deniro, great, jacki weaver, marvelous, jennifer lawrence, perfect. good flick. lend your eyes to this.

4. prometheus
about a team of explorers trying to find their maker. whoa i loved this movie. i was hooked from just the preview! terrifyingly gripping. and this one scene ... edge of your seat, eat all your nails tense. happy to see it nominated for an oscar in visual effects. due for a view from you.

5. les miserables
about a man seeking redemption. that's what it's about people, REDEMPTION: deliverance from sin through the atonement of jesus christ. just sayin, i think people missed that message in the film. but what does our world know of redemption? can they understand that concept? off soap box. i will be the first to admit that i was let down just a little bit by this movie but i think it had to do with the singing (i grew up listening to the broadway cast sing the beautiful songs), but other than that i really enjoyed it. it wasn't too long, the close-ups were refreshing, and anne hathaway really out did herself. bravo. regarder ce.

6. lincoln
about ... guess. no really it's about lincoln during the civil war, dealing with emancipation. everyone should see this movie; man, woman, and child. i just remember the opening scene, my mouth was agape at the horror of face-to-face combat. the way they filmed that ... wow! and daniel day lewis' performance was transcendent to say the least. look, see, watch, intake.

about a 30-something year old falling for a college student. i saw this waaaay back at sundance in january. going to sundance movies is always a little sketchy since they've yet to be rated and you don't really know what you're getting into, but we LOVED it (the lovely peery egyptian theater in ogden didn't hurt either). i thought it was a pretty fresh idea and didn't take the turn you'd expect with hollywood. the themes in the film were pretty comprehensive too; the whole in-between things, grass isn't really greener on the other side, be happy with what you got, live in the moment sort of thing is something we all identify with at some point in time. check it.

8. moonrise kingdom
about young love and adventure! as my first wes anderson experience i was pleasantly surprised. what great muted-humor and style this film had, right up my alley. give it a looksie

9. bernie
about bernie tiede's relationship with a negative old bag widow, was overlooked for some reason, but i'm happy to see that jack black is nominated for a golden globe for his performance; jb at his very best. this true story is haunting and makes you think about ... things, like guilt and sorrow and stuff. i recommend it (also it's streaming on netflix right now).
about an introvert facing his issues, wasn't what i expected. i thought that the previews and buzz were a little misleading (maybe they expected me to read the book, but why would they expect that of ME?). i just thought it was going to be this hipster, cliche, coming-of-age movie, but there was a story and it was a weighty one. plus, it had great music. worth a watch.

an honorable mention goes to ruby sparks and i'm still wanting to see zero dark thirty, argo, beasts of the southern wild, and the imposter.

what were your favorite films of 2012?

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Mark said...

The Impossible, Les Mis, and Silver Linings. I had forgotten all about Liberal Arts which was also good. Nice list and you deserve an award for all the ways you said to see the movies! Haha!