the worst thing i ever done.

growing out my hair
and yet, i put myself through it every 3 years or so ...

here is my very first growing out process, 2007. maybe i was more punk rock back then or something, cause i didn't mind so much:
sk8tr boy length (the WORST).

then comes the little baby ponytail:
kind of precious right?!

after the little baby ponytail phase, you're good, you've made it out alive.
and it's long and lovely and normal until you get that crazed idea in your head again and the process starts all over again:

i'm currently in the midst of this affliction. pray for me.


but then again, how cute is this hair??? maybe i'll keep it.
no i won't.


mack said...

I hear ya. I'm currently in a want-to-chop-all-my-hair-off-courtney-style phase. I'm holding out on it though, it is really hard to resist. My growing out photos are definitely not as cute as yours.

Shana said...

Courtney, I love you dearly and as a friend I need to tell you..... DO NOT GROW OUT YOUR HAIR! It is absolutly G.E.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. and I am extremely jelous that I can never pull off a pixie cut as beautifully as you can!

Lynsey said...

Well I love love love your hair color now! It is perfect with your skin tone etc. I saw pics of you on your mom's blog and I just thought it was beautiful. I also wondered if you were growing out your hair. So then I saw your blog and I guess I have my answer. Well, you are one of very few who can pull off short hair. You have good bone structure etc. I have known you almost your whole life and my most very favorite way is the hair color you have now and the little baby ponytail. Perfection. Good luck with your decision! You're beautiful!