4. participate in some sort of competitive race > 5k.

now, when i originally wrote this goal down, i wasn't really thinking of the moonlight ride as counting as "competitive" and i wasn't thinking bikes either, but ... it's going to have to count since  i didn't do anything else.

two weekends ago was the annual moonlight ride on antelope island. i still think this is one of the funnest things you can do in salt lake. the ride starts at 10pm when you ride from white rock bay to the farm and back again, totaling about 24 miles round-trip. the first hill you ride down makes it all worth it. a blast! i would recommend it to anyone.

dad, me with my free shirt!, and whitney.

also i feel like i need to thank my new bike for helping me up the hills and making us FLY! down 'em. you're the best bike.

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