11. perfect the ultimate sunday dinner.

last sunday i decided to finally buckle down and make that sunday dinner i'm always talking about.

the menu:
- lemon & garlic roast chicken

choice ingredients: rosemary takes food to the next level. and coarse kosher salt should be put on everything. plus it makes me feel legit putting handfuls pinches of it here and there.

the chicken, the lemon, the rosemary, the garlic. missing is the bbbuuttteeerrr!!!

i apologize for the quality of this picture, but i had to document that i actually had my hand inside a chicken. and ... it was too much.

the before ...

and the after. what a beauty!

- fresh lemon limeade

- roasted vegetable medley
made up of produce mostly picked from our garden. not pictured are the beets, carrots, and onions which really brightened things up. i think this was the best dish. i have a thing for veggies right now.

- twice baked potatoes

- and a chocolate souffle for dessert
i had the most fun making this. and BOY WAS IT GOOD! 

the help:
- my sous chef, dad
i can't put into words my love for this guy ^^^ i mean, he spent his whole sunday (even skipping his nap) helping me with my goal. don't get me started on how talented he is and how he can and DOES just about anything he wants. and then he teaches me. thanks pop.

the table:

the take-back:
- well, i learned that cooking a big, fancy meal is harder than it appears. i think i was cooking for 4 hours straight. the other hard part is making sure that everything is done and hot by the time your guests show up. let's just say that i need some practice with time-management. 

overall it was a great experience and i had a lot of fun. and really, that is all i wanted anyway. that and the chocolate souffle.

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brittney said...

Roast chicken is also on my list!