happy happy fall fall.

i can't say i wasn't looking forward to fall this year. even with the summer racing by, i'm glad that i can now say that paige gets home in just a couple months. along with that, i'm looking forward to ...

eating / mom's chili
drinking / cocoa latte, pumpkin steamers, and crio bru
mastering / the art of staying warm (i.e. sweaters, socks, coats, space heaters, cozy blankies)
learning / how to make pickles
playing / in piles of leaves
finishing / that book i started LAST YEAR
watching / conference, new tv seasons, and horror movies!
hiking / to see the color change
wearing / tights!
cooking / all things pumpkin
working / on getting ready for paige's return
traveling / to st george for fall break
wanting / to pick back up my exercise habits (gotta train for that triathlon) 

find more fallcentric posts here and here. and happy first weekend of fall!
**post inspiration via bleubird

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