to do texas.

i just got back from a full week in texas. boy oh boy was it fun. lemme tell you how it's done:

1. make sure you document your trip using snapchat. everyone loves being bombarded by pixalated photos you can only see for 10 seconds.

2. as soon as you land, get picked up by someone as cute as this. it'll pull the 7am flight sleepies right outta ya.

3. you can jump on the tramp when you get to the house, but make sure you change out of your long underwear first. otherwise that texas humidity and heat will ... almost kill you.

4. eat a really great sunday meal (read roast with carrots and potatoes).

5. make sure you're getting your gym time in EVEN ON VACATION! it helps when your yoga instructor has a texan drawl, talks about coconut vodka for half the class, and says things like "can i get an amen!"

6. eat donuts for breakfast.

7. when your third musketeer to gets home from school, head downtown for some fun at the perot museum.

8. number eight, fittingly, is eat at hard eight bbq. this is hard core, real life barbecue. not for sissies. the kind where you eat your brisket right out of the pit, on a tray with a roll of paper towels next to you. oh, and obvi! take pictures while you're waiting for your food.

9. get a good night's rest cause in the morning you're goin' to the stockyards! yeehaw!

10. eat at potbelly's cause you can't get that freaking delicious dream bar in utah.

11. spend the day playing, and when you get home find a secret story someone wrote about you ...

12. go on a shopping spree at the j crew outlet.

12. buy everyone sunglasses then take bathroom selfies with them on.

13. eat at schlotsky's.

14. go to a ranger's game, but only after spending the day searching for the perfect, festive shirt to wear to the game.

15. get a fair amount of goodbye kisses before taking off on the next round of the trip, houston!

16. make sure you stay with the nicest family in town. if you do, you'll get offered a continuous stream of homemade cookies, pulled-pork sandwiches, kolaches, shipley's donuts, salsa, pie from dot coffee shop, jalapenos, etc, etc, etc.

17. visit galveston island. WARNING:  people will tell you that this isn't the greatest of beaches. something about seaweed and brown water. you'll be really confused when you get to stewart beach and it's one of the best beach days of your life! swimming in the gulf is WAY better than those pacific waters you're used to. spend the day getting tan, swimming in the warm ocean water, and eating chips on the shore. 

18. rush home from beaching to get ready for the rehearsal dinner (did i tell you i was in texas for a wedding?). make sure you look really good because you have to GIVE A SPEECH! take a pre-dinner selfie with the bride for good measure.

19. in lieu of a traditional bachelorette party do amazonian clay masks (you might have to talk the bride into putting a foreign substance on her face the day before she says "i do").

20. early the next morning wake up, get ready, and drive to the houston temple for the big day!

21. in between the wedding and the reception, be sure to go swimming in the neighbor's pool and get a coconut lime snow cone with a shot of vanilla ice cream at sno-beach. this will add a whole lota fun to the wedding day (but seriously, a wedding day swim is now a MUST for my future wedding).

22. have a ball at the reception, chit-chat the night away, eat lemon cake, and send your newly-wedded friends off to mexico with sparklers.

23. after all that you MUST go to whataburger and round out the trip with HBCB (honey butter chicken biscuit)!

24. catch the earliest flight home :( and watch a lot of mad men during layovers.

25. once back in salt lake take a shower and sleep the rest of the day away.

thanks for all the fun lynsey josh avery joslyn sophie melanie kent audrey griff brenn nathan shelby cole and jennie!!! already praying for reasons to come again.


Mark and Lisa said...

What fun!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the reception.

brittney perry said...

Maybe this is a weird thing to say in response to this post, but your skin looks amazing. You haven't aged at all.


Lynsey said...

I loved this post! It was so nice to relive you visit again! We miss you and we will start thinking of reasons for you to come back!

Lynsey said...

One thing you forgot to mention was swimming in 60 degree weather-until the baby turned purple and everyone was shivering. :)

Lynsey said...
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mack said...

We most definitely need to start traveling together, I have this feeling that we would be awesome travel partners. Also, potbelly's thanks for introducing me to that magical place, just thinking of it makes my mouth water.

Amelia said...

I'm glad HBCB received such a prominent spot in your post! And that's just the beginning of all the things I love in this post!

Amelia said...
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Audrey said...

man, what a good blog post!