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first off, i'm sorry. i know i've been absent for the last ... 2 MONTHS! i do, however, have a fairly valid excuse. i got a new job! no more bore! just FUN! because of all the fun i'm having, i have less time to blog.

the NEW JOB i speak of is still with the lds church, and still on the temporal/physical facilities side. i now work in real estate, dealing with transactions on church property. this new gig includes my obtaining a real estate license. so many terms, so little a brain.

to catch you up on yours truly, i thought it most efficient to tell you what i'm


- post-it notes
- the uni-ball signo dx, .28 point.
- mcdonald's diet coke. i've always loved this but just recently i re-recognized that it's the best of the best because the mcdonald's on my way to work just reopened after a remodel.
- top knots and not washing my hair.
- in the same vein (the hair vein), the wet brush, moroccan oil, and coconut oil.
- baked potatoes from great steak for lunch.
- brooklyn 99 (new season, just as funny).
- ankle boots.
- alt-j.

i'll be spending this weekend at the temple with my family. we are hitting the newly remodeled ogden temple, and brigham city. temples are great, but i'm most looking forward to eating at my favorite thing that has ever come out of ogden: SONORA GRILL

happy weekend!

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Amelia said...

I am glad your 2 month hiatus did not turn into three. I love your blog. And McDonalds diet coke. And not washing my hair, haha.