fall times are near.

lavell edwards stadium, 2011 - gonna be missin this girl tonight! as always.

this summer was the longest summer of my life! it may have something to do with the fact that my best friend moved away from me mid-june. yeah, i think that's it. so i'm happy that fall is just around the corner.

tonight we kick off the football season at lavell edwards stadium! as you know, the wightmans love their football.

and tomorrow is our annual swiss days trip (can't wait for that marriott bed).

other fall activities i'm looking forward to:
- making doughnuts
- using my hot chocolate maker again
- pumpkin EVERYTHING
- boots, scarves, sweaters
- that crispy goodness air
- oh! delicious soups!
- halloween and horror films
- reading ... i need to start number 15 on my 25 things list. suggestions on a classic novel would be great!

happy almost fall.

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wjmom said...

How classic do they have to be? Gone With the Wind. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Of Mice and Men (if you didn't have to read it in high school). Or you could just stick with classic Little Women or Huck Finn--both winners!

Happy Fall!