20. learn to love something i hate.

remember when i first started my list and i tried to love shrimp and i didn't? something has changed and i'm proud to say that i am now a lover of shrimp; i have successfully learned to love it. hooray!

something else i hate: going places by myself; it's awkward right? wrong! i went to a movie (skyfall) all by myself on new year's eve and i had a ball. 

picking a seat! all by myself.
laughing! all by myself.
popcorn! all to myself.
diet coke! all to myself (the down side to this is that i went to the bathroom twice during the movie).

eating fish, going to the movies by myself, checking things off lists, feeling accomplished.
i think i'll make this a thing.


brittney said...

Basically... good for you. Shrimp is still nasty to me.

Audrey said...

i'm so proud of you