hello hot dog/what i eat at work: red hot.

the title of this post is reminiscent of one of the cutest vines EVER!, no?

i mostly hated hot dogs cause you're suppose to. processed meaty parts stuffed into a synthetic casing ... on a bun. but i can hide my love no longer. 

i love hot dogs and i don't care who knows it!

the gourmet hot dog scene that has recently hit salt lake isn't hurting either. i've mentioned dexter's dogs, and of course, j dawgs is finally making it's way to salt lake. and on friday, emily and i ventured over to the newly opened red hot.

looks ginormous right? i have to admit that it was pretty big. i had a hard time fitting my mouth around it without losing half the toppings. i got the chicago dog with sport peppers, mustard, neon relish, pickle, tomato, and celery salt. the menu suggests a steamed dog for this version, but i opted for grilled. oh, i forgot to mention the hot dogs are kobe beef. kobe beef is a specialty beef made from spoiled cows. picture a nice cow spa with a steam room and masseuse, that's your kobe beef.

^^^ this was my first chicago dog experience and i quite liked it. i dig the pickle and tomato and i just LOVED the neon relish. i will have to try some of their other options, but for now, i prefer dexter's; they're cheaper and have a nice special sauce.

and to round out this hot dog love poem, a video:

have a happy pioneer day.

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Audrey said...

i second that love for hot dogs