it's coming.

it's almost my birthday (don't ask me about my 25 things list ...). i tend to keep a rolling list of things i want. if i don't get it for christmas it goes on the birthday list, and so on. i mainly do this to take advantage of the bi-annual occurrence of people buying me things for no reason. it's a pretty good deal really! that and i like saying "visit my website for further information" to people when they ask what i want for my birthday. ha!

here's what made the list for the big event:
^^^ nail polish! - a girl can never have too many shades; and for me, too many shades of red.^^^

^^^ a new set of legs ... no really some exercise pants - i'm really liking albion fit for sport gear.^^^

^^^ a bike rack - i desperately need this, what with my bike fetish phase i'm going through. the other day i thought i would just fit my bike standing up in my back seat. i do drive a box car! it'll work! ... no, it didn't work. i'm thinking this thule passage will do.^^^

^^^ a bike helmet - this should have been number one on the list because it's what i want most and ... i think ... yeah, i probably need this most too. BERN has what i want. well, what i really want is pictured above, but i'm not totally sure how to get my hands on one ... so the lenox in red, white, and blue will do.^^^

^^^ the house of the lord & the continuous atonement - jesus the christ is maybe my favorite thing that has ever been written. i teach the temple prep class in my ward and am interested in reading talmage's thoughts on the sacred subject. also i found it for $3 on amazon! have you heard this talk about grace from brad wilcox? life-changing in just 30 minutes. i'm sure i could learn a thing or two from his book.^^^

a phone case - preferably from my fave stationary supplier, rifle paper co. these are so cute i just can't handle it.

of course, i'm always in the mood for anthropologie and sephora (a seperate post entirelygift cards and fancy soap. but mostly i just wanna eat cake and bask in the summer sun as i joyfully, blissfully, calmly skate into 26.

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