24. rescue something.

my grandma is the queen of estate sales. if you're looking for her friday or saturday you''ll find her scouring dead people's houses. she actually finds some pretty marvelous stuff and knows how to get the best deal (read here about the experience paige and i had with her one saturday).

i'm the benefactor of this obsession and recently got my hands on some old, very mid-century modern tables.

cute! but i couldn't just leave them the way they were, grandma-style. i took this as an opportunity to rescue them from their current state and thereby check another item off my 25 things list >>> rescue something. 

i had a 50s vision for them but also wanted to accentuate the art-deco detailing, picked a color, sanded, painted, sanded again, painted again and voila!

i have new tables.

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Amelia said...

I love that I get to reap the benefits of this rescue :) So cute!!!