28 things to do before i'm 29.

1. take a ceramics class.
2. go to a barre class.
3. take tennis lessons.
4. get a passport.
5. watch all the best picture winners.
6. take a trip via train.
7. stay at a dude ranch, do dude ranch things.
8. make pickles.
9. get acupuncture.
10. visit havasupai.
11. read a book.
12. cross at least one hike off my hiking list.
13. go snow shoeing.
14. surprise someone.
15. help someone in need.
16. run barefoot (preferably on the beach).
17. play matchmaker.
18. go on a completely spontaneous trip.
19. bake a cake for a loved-one.
20. fall asleep on a grassy plain.
21. cook a five-course meal.
22. travel the world through food.
23. learn the art of graffiti.
24. understand the difference between jazz and good jazz.
25. study mormon pioneer women.
26. read the last conference talk of all the prophets.
27. have more technology-free days.
28. throw a dance party.

most of these should look familiar to you if you've followed along for the past four years (24 things, 25 things, 26 things, and 27 things). it's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with things to do and i'm getting up there!

but i guess the most important, number one thing i want to do this year, isn't on the list. it isn't really something i can check off. it's something that has been really hard for me in the past, and maybe is really hard for me currently. but that thing is be happy in the moment. my sister keeps a running list every year of "moments of happiness". things like "this person said something nice to me" or "me and some friends ate out and saw a movie and it was really fun". just simple but, i think, really significant! and the greatest idea.

so here's to another year.
and here's to making this year the happiest.

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Amelia said...

I love reading your list every year! I'm also loving this extra element of mindfulness, such a good reminder :)