happy new year! here's a mash-up of some thoughts:
hey, happy weekend!


Amelia said...

I'd never heard that Marilyn quote before and I love it! I also loved that touch of evil video series, but I think I'm really awful at the guessing part. You need to help me! haha

Ann said...

Courtney! We will train for a marathon together. How fun would that be? Paige is inspired. Plus, isn't "do something you don't think you could possibly do" on one of your goal lists? Let's talk.

courtney wightman said...

ann! funny you say this because LITERALLY i was going to ask you if you wanted to train with me (not just figuratively ask you). and YES! thanks for reminding me that number four on my 25 things list is "participate in some sort of competitive race > 5k" PERFFF!