summer 2011: recap.

welp, that's it. summer is officially over. paige moves back to school today.

if you remember, i predicted that summer 2011 would be one for the books. 

was i right or was i right? or was i right?

here's the recap:
things we wanted to do / things we DID do

  1. ride our bikes everywhere and maybe get new ones. / rode our bikes everywhere. including the middle of no where. and paige DID get a new old bike. 
  2. race for the cure.
  3. chalk art festival.
  4. make a t-shirt quilt.
  5. become master yogis. / we didn't become master yogis, but we DID almost die doing yoga.
  6. the ville dayzz 5k. / ran {walked} in the ville dayzz 5k.
  7. lavender days.
  8. make that one mirror that paige saw on design star. 
  9. outdoor movies.
  10. moonlight madness. / participated in moonlight madness.
  11. make lavender honey ice cream.
  12. re institute the hiking on saturdays club. / re instituted the hiking on saturdays club, kind of.
  13. book club. / we didn't read but we DID see movies based on books.
  14. have a fondue party. 
  15. try to replicate summer '09 but with jobs. / replicated summer '09 but with jobs to a t {see below}!

other things that made this summer memorable:

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paige. said...

this is so fantastic. summer rocks.