27 things to do before i turn 28.

dark constellation by christine tillman.

another year, another list of things i wanna do.

1. read the new testament.
2. take an art class.
3. do more things by myself.
4. go to a barre class.
5. yoga once/week.
6. visit versailles.
7. eat gelato in italy.
8. meet moses.
9. cross at least one hike off my hiking list.
10. do time magazine's 20-minute rule.
11. discover the best candy to popcorn combination.
12. learn how to golf and/or play tennis.
13. go camping 3 times.
14. get a passport.
15. do something i don't want to do.
16. brunch more.
17. cook all the things on this list, and cook them well.
18. find the best burger utah has to offer.
19. throw a party.
20. watch all the oscar best picture winners.
21. make chocolate croissants.
22. swim in a natural body of water.
23. go to three movies in one day.
24. stay at a dude ranch, do dude ranch things.
25. take a trip via train.
26. solve a mystery.
27. find a good luck charm.

i wonder how long i'll keep this gig up ...
(here are 24 things, 25 things, and 26 things)

wish me luck!


mack said...

First off, Happy Birthday! I hope its the best thing. Second, I love this list as usual. I love how goal oriented you are...you inspire me. Third, a link to a google doc? I'm stealing your idea. Love ya!

RochelleHaddad said...

We will be moving to AZ at the end of this year. Come and see me and i"ll help you make some of those yummy foods on your list. Maybe there's a train into Prescott?